Liffey Cycle Route

Act fast! Act now!

A decision is planned to be made at the Dublin City Council transport committee meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, May 3, 2017 at 3pm to proceed with Option 7 (the good choice) or Option 8 (the poor choice).

Please text or email the committee members and also your local councillors — ask them to reject Option 8 and for Option 7 to be reinstated as the preferred option.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the detail right and start to make a city sutable for cycling for all ages and abilities. If the overly compromised “solution” proceeds, it might take years or even decades to fix the major issues with it.

Here’s the contact details for the transport committee members:

Cllr Ciaran Cuffe (chairman) 087 2652075
Cllr Paul Hand 087 3390561
Cllr Teresa Keegan 087 1469902
Cllr Frank Kennedy 087 3383972
Cllr Paddy Smyth 087 1819000
Cllr Paddy McCartan 087 2248817
Cllr Larry O’Toole 086 8541940
Cllr Ray McHugh 087 9369611
Cllr Jane Horgan-Jones 086 8375219
Cllr Kieran Binchy 087 1774365
Cllr Ciaran O’Moore 086 8072753
Cllr Mannix Flynn 087 2246664
Richard Guiney, Dublin Town
Frank Mulligan, Irish Road Haulage Association
Colm Ryder, Dublin Cycling Campaign
Keith Gavin, Irish Parking Association
Fiona Kelty, NCBI (sight loss charity)

Contact details for other councillors can be found at — if you live outside the city council area make sure to still contact the local councillors for the area/s you work in or visit the most.

11 thoughts on “Act fast! Act now!

  1. but what if you are a cyclist who lives in Stoneybatter? My usual route comes down Manor St along N Brunswick Street and then to the river. Under Option 7, this will be full of diverted traffic, so how am I to access the Liffey cycle route safely? I can’t see how this improves things for residents of D7 especially those who walk, cycle or use public transport

    1. Hi Danielle… with Option 7, if you are starting on Manor Street or north of it, you could go straight down the street into Blackhall Place and straight onto the Liffey Cycle Route at the end of Blackhall Place.

      The largest benefit to Stoneybatter residents, however, would be the return journey — allowing people to stay on the quays without having to battle for your life on the south quays (or not having to go up around Capel Street or via the Mary’s Lane as others do).

      Option 7 will need to come with traffic calming and safety measures covering the route around Smithfield — but really these measures should be implemented even if Option 7 isn’t chosen.

      Example measures required in the area regardless of the Liffey Cycle Route include: extra and improved pedestrian crossings; better junction design for walking and cycling, raised surfaces at crossings and at side roads; improved cycle lane / cycle path designs and enforcement which stops the near non-stop fly parking, taxi drop offs and loading, and building on the contra-flow in place to allow cyclists to move more freely around the area, especially the north end and west of Smithfield.

      Bus users are best served by Option 7 — Option 8 will cause delays for bus users.

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