Liffey Cycle Route

Why not Option 8?

Option 8 is the latest of many options which focuses solving the pinch point on the north quays between Blackhall Place and Church Street, but the latest “solution” is poor for walking, cycling and buses.

The problems with Option 8 include:

  • Major conflicts between pedestrians and cycling causing safety and capacity issues.
  • Costly boardwalk-like structures, which are not needed in Option 7.
  • Buses slowed by traffic light-controlled one-lane at Queen St.
  • Buses also slowed because the low-quality cycle route will mean many cyclists stay in the bus lane

For walking and cycling, the details of the problems include:

  • Two-way cycle route crossing footpaths 5-7 times in 600 metres.
  • Shared footpath junctions at James Joyce and Rory O’More bridges.
  • A narrow 2.85 metre wide shared path at the James Joyce and Rory O’More bridges.
  • At busy times, narrow shared footpath junctions will likely block cycling access onto the cycle route from side streets and the south side of the James Joyce Bridge.

A cross-section drawing showing a 0.85 metre footpath and 2 metre two-way cycle path — in a written report this is outlined as a shared surface:

An overview of the issues on this section:


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