Liffey Cycle Route

Why Option 7?

Option 7 is the best solution to: 

  • Give priority to walking, cycling, and public transport.
  • Be a safe and attractive route for pedestrians, especially those with sight issues, children and those who are less mobile.
  • Attract newcomers to cycling and those who already cycle.
  • Increase the people-carrying capacity of the quays.
  • Reduce car use, while offering an attractive alternative for those who can change.
  • Implement the most cost-effective cycle route without the extra cost of major construction (of boardwalks or bridges or new roads etc).

In a report to the city’s transport committee, Dublin City Council officials have maintained that Option 7 of the Liffey Cycle Route is the best route but officials are opting to recommend the more expensive Option 8 which includes cycling-only boardwalk-like structures and mixes cycling and walking at a number of points.

The council said that noise and environmental modelling work to date has not shown any significant issues with Option 7, but, despite this, the council has rowed back on that option and is recommending councillors and other traffic committee members to approve Option 8. This is wrong — Option 7 should proceed.


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